And we’re back! After sacrificing one recording session to the gods of technical difficulties, the fight with the white dragon continues in Episode 101! And in 102, Quoven the monk attempts to retrieve the Amulet of Kkal Ohm Han from the giant statue. But things get a little rumbly.

But wait! There’s more! Now you can join us LIVE while we play! You will be able to see the maps we play on, witness the die rolls on Roll20, and talk to us using the Twitch chat! Go to game master John’s Twitch channel every other Sunday night at about 9pm CST. The next session is Oct 30th! You can also go there to watch the replays of the game sessions, including the recorded sessions which have yet to be edited and released as a podcast! Eps 103 and 104 are already there! Here’s the link: Follow the Douglas and Dragons Twitter account for a heads up on when we are live.

Listen to eps 101 and 102 here…

Ep 101

Ep 102

…or at Podcast Garden, iTunes, or Stitcher! We’re on Facebook as well, and of course you can find each of us on Twitter at the links below.

P.s. We do not endorse any ads that WordPress may add to this page.

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